*** SUBMISSIONS CURRENTLY CLOSED (sorry about that) ***

I do offer a private editing / critique service
with the first 1,000 words (or 5 poems) FREE.

To submit your short stories or excerpt of a short story (<1,000 words) please email me the following information (within the body of the email)…


Email address:

Story’s genres (the genre menus on this site under which it would appear):

Story synopsis (max 50 words):

Story title:

Story word count*:
Please send the story itself as an attachment rather than copied into the email because it loses the formatting (especially line breaks) when I paste it. Thank you.

Author’s third-person biography (250 words max):

Author’s website link (if applicable):

Type of feedback sought / areas of weakness:

Then attached your story (as a text document attachment; ideally .doc / .docx) and 1-2 photo(s) of yourself and / or one book cover, as separate email attachments please, no photographs to be submitted within the body of the email or story document.

*If your complete story is over the 1,000-word maximum, please provide the relevant extract, indicating where in the story your extract appears and provide a 250-word maximum synopsis.

Please label your email Subject line as: ‘Submission for Morgen’s Short Story Writing Group’. Thank you.

Please do not submit your story via this blog’s comments sections as it will be removed. Feedback only in the comments sections of each relevant page / posting, thank you. I do not provide feedback within the body of the blog post but as scanned hard copy ‘red pen’ links so you can make your comments then look at my feedback to see if we agree.


morgen - logo (med)There is no limit to the number of stories you submit or how often, I will run 1-2 per weekend, but they should be reasonably family-friendly, i.e. not overtly gruesome or sexual.

Writing exercises are posted every weekday so items for critique will be posted at the weekends.

Each new posting is advertised on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo profiles so it is a chance for extra traffic to your website too. 🙂

NB. There will be no payment for stories posted on this site and I do reserve the right to decline your story if I feel it is inappropriate. All stories posted are deemed as published so bear this in mind if planning to submit elsewhere. Comments will be monitored so positive / constructive only.

If you would like more than 1,000 words critiqued, do take a look at Editing and Critique.

Thank you.

Morgen With An ‘E’

One thought on “Submissions

  1. Nicole Colburn July 6, 2013 at 6:00 pm Reply

    Writing exercise from July 5th: Random: getting rid of something

    Delilah fell into a dream. Her body’s vapor began swirling in a slow ascent, picking up speed to form a vortex, and finally surging free. Atoms, incarnate of her former being, flew into the navy blue depths of a starlit heaven. One-dimensional icons projecting brilliance as they audibly swooshed to encircle her energy field. Equations, principles and laws flashed in full-screen. Visuals then receding, dissipating into the ether. A pinprick of light emanates from a blanket of darkness; gravitating the spirit toward an increasing glow. Scattered particles merge again to embody her soul.
    Delilah winced as the sun pierced through two wooden slats of her bedroom shade. She was born again without inhibition nor fear, and picked up her pen to write.

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