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Morgen’s Email Critique Group

Hello. I know that writers, myself included, need – and appreciate – feedback on our work. By that I don’t mean “Oh yes, that’s great” – although that would be good too. We need to be told where we’re going wrong. I am a freelance editor so it’s my day job to do that but I thought I’d start this critique group so that you could also get feedback from other writers.

The idea is that you submit your writing (max. 5,000 words per submission*) and I will collate them and send them on to others in the group for them to return to me within two weeks, although the sooner the better) so that I can return it to the original author.

In the meantime, hopefully, they will have been working on something else and have more to send. *By submission, I mean complete story (up to 5,000 words per submission) or story / novel extract.

For every submission you critique, you will get your work critiqued by one other writer. The more you critique, the more feedback you get on your own work. I will be the facilitator keeping track (using a nerdy spreadsheet) of who does what so how much ‘credit’ they (you) have.

If you submit more than there are people to critique for, I will hold it until there is sufficient credit. Equally, if you have critiqued more than have submitted work for, I will have made a note of that.

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